Over Kellet Village Hall Saturday 05.11.22 (51 visitors)
Four table top activities: Hapa Zome (leaf/flower bashing ) clay (a tree to the forest) mark making with natural inks & rag rugging.
The event enabled me to share some of the outcomes from the forages and workshops for the first time. It was great to see familiar and some unfamiliar faces joining in the conversation. We talked about foraging, natural dyes, the changing climate, wild spaces, the history of the village, maps and map making, sustainable art making and how we can challenge cultural myths and more...

artwork by SAP workshop attendee

Reflections- It's sad to think we wont be meeting as SAP in the woods anymore - we experienced the site in so many different ways; through taste, smell, sound, noticing and touching. 
And shared many stories and knowledge... 
Residual highlights for me include: the first forage with Abi Barton (@abigailbarton64) in January when we found velvet-like jelly ears on elder bark, experienced the taste of pine needle tea and made a nature altar as an offering to the woods. 
February's forage with guest artist Amy Stretch-Parker (@amy_stretch_parker) where we lay on our backs in the drizzle and soaked up the damp like mosses. In April we made spirals and dandelion cordage with Suzie Grieve (@foragedfibres) and decorated a tree as an offering. 
In May we explored the plants and wildlife of the hedgerows with Russ Hedley (@woodland_russ) The sun came out through ragged clouds and we examined beetles and caterpillar webs through magnifying glasses, we found gypsy wort and water hemlock. We drank wild strawberry and mint tea from leaves foraged from the tarns edge. 
We travelled to Humphrey Head in June with guest artist Julia Parks (@juliaemilyparks). The scent of bedstraw, the sound of swifts overhead - it was all about the light, we made lumen prints and drank meadowsweet tea. 
And in July Carolyn Morton (@camocarolynmorton) took us on a wild flower pilgrimage through waist high grasses. We found blue fungi and scrambled back to the path up a steep incline with me clinging to a tree with one hand and hauling unsteady foragers up with the other. We drank tea made with rose bay willow syrup (from Jeni) and  blackberry leaves. We took a detour on the way back passing a brownfield site - now a thriving wild space. 
In September we lay on the grass in unseasonal heat, made random poetry with Jacqui Symons (@studioslowlane) and found charcoal in a fire pit to make marks in handmade books. For the final event in October we foraged for fungi with Rema and Dave (@myceliumthinking) read poetry, sang to a drum and I sensed the interconnectedness between all things.

artwork by SAP workshop attendee


  1. The two events I attended were both lovely. Very different from the things I normally do. Lovely to be out in the outdoors, learning new things, exploring new places and making new friends. Looking forward to seeing what might be happening next year!

  2. Memory is notoriously slippery - a bit like the slope Sam helped to haul us up!
    Trains from Birmingham to Carnforth were chaotic due to extreme weather and I only just made it on time.
    Arriving in a new place with new people was disorientating. But connecting through plants grew familiarity & conversation.
    I remember a hawthorn tree, chatting about collecting plastic rubbish, how plants thrive where they’re needed, that teasels are a solid choice for other species.
    Sitting at Carnforth station for my return train - film location for Brief Encounter - I felt that wild plants had again connected me to people & place.
    A gentle project with gentle people however brief the encounter.

    1. Thank you Carolyn such thoughtful words - we were also reminded that to tend is equally necessary… I’ve repeated this many times since then 💚

  3. I came to the last two forages and the enthusiasm I felt from the group as a whole was truly inspirational. I loved the individual chats we naturally fell into along the way.
    The highlight for me was the meditation which brought the final session to a close. As we lay on the ground or against the trunk of a tree listening to readings I felt totally at one with nature. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth it was nice to meet you! Look forward to seeing you again in the future (and your lovely grandson)

  4. Having discovered this project quite late on, I was only able to join the final forage but it was a wonderful experience and I made loads of connections which Im sure myceliumthinking would have appreciated. My only regret is that I didnt pay enough attention to foraging and ended with only a few leaves and berries to contribute. Too busy having a wonderful time. Inspirational.

    1. Thank you so much Sue it was really good to meet you and hear about your own project! Look forward to seeing you again in the future


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