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Over Kellet Village Hall Saturday 05.11.22 (51 visitors) Four tables set up for activities: Hapa Zome (leaf/flower bashing ) clay (contributing a tree to the forest) mark making with natural inks & rag rugging. The chance to share some of the outcomes from the forages and workshops so far with the local community. It was lovely to see so many familiar and unfamiliar faces dropping in and joining in the conversation. We talked about foraging, natural dyes, the changing climate, wild spaces, the history of the village, maps and map making, sustainable art making and how we can challenge outdated cultural myths and a lot more... artwork by SAP workshop attendee Reflections- It's sad to think we wont be meeting as SAP in Lundsfield SAP woods anymore. Each foraging event was unique - influenced by the thoughts and ideas of the monthly guest artist. We experienced the woods in so many different ways; we tasted, smelled, heard and touched.  We talked a lot and also listened, sharing s

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